Here is what you can expect 

You’re bound to be greeted by someone and they will ask you your name, wonder who you are related to and where you are from. So, if you aren’t comfortable with us knowing that information, now is the time to make up something humorous.

Our worship teams consists of piano, guitar and drum players, along with several singers. We play new and old worship songs and hymns every week.

Expect stairs. Hey, our congregation has existed for over 150 years. Our building is older, it is well kept and beautiful, but it has stairs because the builders didn’t think about wheelchairs and handicap accessibility 100 years ago. We have a chair lift if necessary and a place for wheelchairs in our sanctuary.  We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. You can count on us to do our very best to help the disabled get into our worship area safely.

Please dress casually. There is no expectation for a suit and tie, though some people will wear them. Jordan, our minister usually wears a shirt and tie, no coat. We aren’t worried about appearances, we are happy you are with us. We are concerned more with the heart.

We have a diverse range of ages, both young and old. We have singles, married, divorcees and widows in our congregation. We are mostly white people. We are not proud of this. We long to be racially diverse, not simply to say that we are racially diverse and boast about it. Rather, because the Gospel is for all nations, races and people. The church should reflect Jesus’ hope for the world.

We have lots of children at our church. We do our very best to create a safe environment for children. We have a nursery for small children where people who love babies will keep great care of them. We have Pee Wee church for our two to four-year-old’s, who have a great time learning about Jesus and playing games. We also have Kid’s Church, K- 5th grade, who  leave midway through adult worship for an age-appropriate lesson.

We celebrate the Lord’s Supper every week. We believe it is important to remember the sacrifice of Jesus every week. You are welcome to participate with us. Read up on the Lord’s Supper in Mark 14:12-26 in preparation.

We take up an offering every week as well. Frankly, we have bills that need paid like utilities and salaries of employees. But most importantly, the gifts given to the church go towards ministry and helping our local and global community. Do not feel obligated on your first visit to give an offering. As you become a part of our church, understand our mission, and the reasons for our tithes/offering, we encourage you to participate.

We hope this helps overcome any anxiety and prepares you well for being a guest with us this Sunday!